Wink White Whitening Body Lotion (Made In Thailand)

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Wink White Whitening Body Lotion (Made In Thailand)

Intensive nourishing lotion SPF 60 for flawless and bright skin within 1-2 weeks! Properties: Gluta Wink White Lotion formulates with Vitamin C and Vitamin E nourish skin deeply for a brightening and smooth skin texture. The soft cream rapidly absorbs into skin with nano molecule to effectively diminish the appearances of dark spots, and darkness from heredity within 1-2 weeks. The product also provides SPF60 to protect your skin all day long. It’s proven safe with no harmful ingredients. Restores dull skin from environmental and sun damages Evens out skin tone for aura bright looking Gently renews dead skin cells Accelerates skin radiance within 14 days Lightens dull and rough skin in areas of elbows and knees Key Ingredients: Mix Fruit AHA extracted from various fruits intensively nourishes skin Jojoba oil reduces skin irritation and moisturizes skin Vitamin E provides antioxidants to slow down wrinkles Glutathione diminishes the function of melanin for skin fairness Vitamin C promotes radiant and healthy-looking skin Collagen increases skin elasticity for firmness and strength of skin Directions: Apply the lotion thoroughly on to the body skin every morning and evening. For best results, it’s recommended to use with Gluta Wink White Soap. Content: 200 ml.
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