Tongkat Ali 3000 Extreme 200:1 Root Extract Capsules

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Tongkat Ali helps your testicles to produce more testosterone,
like they did when you were younger. It is important to let them
and your body rest periodically. The "on-cycle" (time to take the
capsules) is between 5 days and 2 weeks(please discuss this with
your doctor), and "off-cycle" (the time to stop taking and rest)
is about half of the time, (short "on-cycle" periods are
recommended). For Example: If you take Tongkat Ali for 1 week,
then you should rest your body for approximately 3-4 days (Don't
take any Tongat Ali). This taking/resting cycle is the best way
to keep your body active. Continue taking this way in cycles for
6 months. After that you should rest your body by not taking
Tongkat Ali for about 12 months. If you have never used Tongkat
Ali before, it is good idea to start carefully by taking only one
capsule a day for 3 days. Start at one cap per day and slowly
work your way up Results may vary

  • Increase testosterone naturally and Improve Vitality & Stimulation.
  • Relieve Fatigue.
  • Increase Hormone Production and Improve Blood Circulation.
  • Strengthen Your Immune system.
  • Increase Sexual Virility, libido and sexual drive (Aphrodisiac)..
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