Gluta 200000 Mg Softgel L-Glutathione Mixed Berry - (Made in Switzerland) (1 Month Course) 60Capsules

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Gluta 200000 Mg Softgel L-Glutathione Whitening VIT C Mix Berry Vitamin E

Gluta white 200000 Softgel Super Aura Active white plus lemon c 20000 mg from Switzerland, Gluta 200000 Super Whitening Snow Super Anti Oxidant Anti Aging Hight Glutathione Fiber vitC Berry Mix Innovative and advanced skin care. White with pink skin. White glow with the aura color of the skin soft, smooth skin like snow. Remove wrinkles, blemishes, acne, freckles, white skin with a natural new formula SOFTGEL contains L-Glutathione concentration of 200000 mg. from Korea blend with natural extract and pure vitamin of berry mixed fiber cold extracted process...

      Super Whitening Aura .Professional Glutathione for Lady & Gentlemen. Very fast whitening effective within 1 week. Gluta 200000mg. +Vit.C 20000 mg. Professions Glutathione from Switzerland.


  •  One tablet includes Glutathione 200000mg.
    • Reduce Acne, Scars, freckles and Dark Spots.
    • Anti-oxidant substant, help to Improve Skin to Soft,Whitening, and Smooth.
    • Protects the Skin from the Sun. Causing Wrinkles.
    • No side Effect. Natural Extract.


*Take 2 capsules daily with water 10-15 minutes before food (1 in the Morning and 1 at Night).
*Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding, for the elderly or for children. 
*For excellent effect please use continues 2-3 months.
*The effect will show in 2 weeks only...

Note: Keep in mind that regardless of which skincare product you try, you have to give it at least six weeks before giving up. Skin whitening / lightening is not an instant process. As long as you consistently use the product as directed and stay away from sunlight, then you should see results in the first two weeks.


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