Affe Hair Vitamin Ginseng Extract (Made In Thailand)

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Original Hair Tonic Spray Hair Growth Tonic AfFe Hair Extract Vitamin Ginseng 50 ml. Spray to reduce hair loss and accelerate regeneration, helping hair become black and shiny 3 times. New innovation to nourish and overcome all hair and scalp problems with small molecules from a special extract from the ginseng family. Extracted in the form of Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein, rich in Clutaminated Peptied Oligoelement and essential Vitamins to help restore the balance of weak hair, not easy to fall out, dry, dry, crispy, cracked, weightless tip with the power of natural vitamins and minerals. Intense Causing the mixture to return to its strength, does not easily fall out Accelerates the regeneration of hair cells, making hair grow up to 3 times faster than normal. Black, soft, smooth, sparkling and weighted so you can feel the change at first use. A small mist spray will help nourish the scalp to the ends of the hair. Helps restore calcium to hair Helps balance hair condition, maintain moisture, not dryness. Absorbs bacteria from skin and hair cells for good hair health from root to tip. • Special spray concentrated from natural ginseng extract and essential vitamins to the hair. • Reduces hair loss, thinning hair, perishable hair, effective weak hair • Helps accelerate the regeneration of darker black hair 3 times • Grow old hair roots to be strong and not easy to fall out • Experience changes that can be seen since the first week of use. Usage: After washing, stir thoroughly, wash hair, wipe with moist hair Then spray it to the entire hair and scalp from root to tip Use your fingertips to gently massage over your head and then leave without rinsing. Use as often as needed. Net volume of 50 ml. # HairTonic #Hair Hair growth serum # Real hair tonic # Cheap tonic # Spray prevent hair loss #Hair # Hair tonic
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